Equipment Storage

A brief history of why LADS does it different…

WE DON'T JUST STORE DRUMS!!!!! But we do limit our storage to professionals in the music business and musical equipment.As you may or may not know I (Chris Achzet) have been a touring tech for 25+ years. One of my biggest frustrations of being a tech was the storage situation. After a tour the gear just gets town back in the locker and see ya next time ya need something mentality. I would have to root around in an unorganized locker, never able to find stuff should a session or a last minute need arises. Nofault of anyones just the way things have been done. Those days are over…..

Each incoming client has their gear inventoried at no additional expense. This is done as a one time courtesy. We continue to monitor what comes in and out from that point forward.
Each case, bag or loose item is either ID tagged or labeled.
We can provide our suggestions as how we could help you better organize your gear so it is more readily available. We do keep your locker in order as things come and go.

We are also happy to customize your locker to soot your needs. Box Shelving for individual drums. Elevated Shelves for room for road case underneath. Vertical shelves for guitars, Slotted shelves for keyboards. Whatever your needs are we can simplify your musical life!
Until demand over rules, LADS amazing practice room is FREE to use (subject to availability) to our storage clients.

Full 10'x10'x12' Private Locker

Half 5'x5'x12' Semi-Private Locker

Rack Storage

Open Storage (Prices vary on space usage)

Cartages: Although we are not a dedicated cartage company we will accommodate our clients requests if possible.

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By Appointment Only.
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