LADS - Equipment Management

Storage is currently only offered in the Los Angeles Area.

A brief history of why LADS does it different… 

WE DON'T JUST STORE DRUMS!!!!! But we do limit our storage to professionals in the music business and to musical equipment only.

As you may or may not know I (Chris Achzet) has been a touring tech for 25+ years. One of my biggest frustrations of being a tech was the storage situation. After a tour the gear just gets town back in the locker and see ya next time ya need something mentality. I would have to root around in an unorganized locker, never able to find stuff should a session or a last minute need arises. Nofault of anyones just the way things have been done. Those days are over…..

Now in association with Lon Cohen Studio Rentals in the Los Angeles Area.

CALL FOR PRICING. 800-686-3096 Extension 4

Cartages: In Association with Lon Cohen Studio Rentals.


800-686-3096 Extension 4