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Manufacture Services

Find out what LADS can do for your Brand!

LADS takes a unique approach to working with equipment manufactures. Get the best Artist support in LA from people who have the experience!!

You could leave your equipment in the hands of a rental company or you can use LADS professional services. LADS is not a dedicated rental company so your equipment does not get rented out to anyone and especially back yard barbecues. Your gear is reserved to support your artists and for opportunities to get your brand in front on TV, FILM. 

How this makes sense for LADS is we charge a minimal storage fee to house your gear. Those fees are dependent on what your space requirements are. This gear remains yours. We will not rent it out so it always remains in pristine condition. It stays looking good, sounding good and we know how to service pros. We have been doing it for over 20 years! Feel free to call or email Chris Achzet should you have any questions in this regard. As more and more manufactures are concluding, this makes sense.

Other services offered:

  • NAMM Display / Product Display Designs - We can do the extraordinary!  
  • Product Development - Chris has more experience in drums, drum parts and hardware than most and has been an innovator in his field.
  • Artist Relations liaison 

Come and experience the fast, reliable, professional support that is Los Angeles Drum Services!

3rd Culture Style conventions display image

A Quick Design and Assembly for Clothing Company 3rd Culture Style to hang their banner for convention display.

I sent a quick text to see how the show went and the display feedback. Below is the quick text reply...

"The rig got tons of attention and response. If there could have been a Best In Show in our section, we would have gotten it" - Brand Owner

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