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Tour Services


This service is a gem for certain situations where you don't have returning back-line techs, new band lineup or don't want to fly and pay for the expense of having out-of-towners come to the LA area for LA based rehearsals. Whatever your reason is this service makes a god deal of sense.

We can provide back-line techs for one or all positions you need covered for your rehearsal period. In some cases a tech may be available to join the tour if requested. The point of this services is to provide the Production experienced hi-end techs to come in and get the band/musician tour ready. LADS techs have the connections with the manufactures to help insure production receives the very best deal. Can trouble shoot any initial problems and have the foresight to head off anything that doesn't make sense or would be over looked by a less experienced tech. Once your band is good to go a production can bring in the normal tech, bring in a more affordable tech or whatever makes sense. The long and short is the band will be set for tour, have the gear, supplies they need and the confidence to go with it. 

A quick bullet point list of what can be done

  • Initial Setups/Builds
  • Design and build tour rigs
  • Programming
  • Liaison with player endorsement companies to get what gear is needed for the tour for free or the best possible deal.
  • Build cable looms
  • Address cases and get with production for what is needed. Can design new cases, look in artist locker for something hat would work or find the best deal on used cases that may work.
  • Label and Stencil cases.
  • Create shipping and insurance Carnet.

Take the stress out of your rehearsals!